Crosscut Article on Our Work

Last April I went to Barrow for a few days to prepare for the upcoming field season and, more importantly, to visit with my colleagues and friends in Barrow without the rushed atmosphere of my visits when I am there heading out to the field or back to Seattle.  Without the support and friendship of those in the community of Barrow I never would have been able to conduct seabird research for forty years on a sand and gravel bar 25 miles east of the village.

I was accompanied on my April trip by Eric Scigliano, a Seattle science writer, who is a frequent contributor to Crosscut, a Seattle-based online news magazine with “News of the Great Nearby”.  His story on our trip is linked here and at the image below.


Barrow, Alaska in mid April. Credit Eric Scigliano

 Eric’s piece is a good summary of the Cooper Island findings and includes (on page 2) a description of a unique observation I made on Cooper in 2014 which shows how climate change could be increasing romance and passion for some of the Black Guillemot pairs breeding on the  island.


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