Our Mission

about-mission-black-guillemotsA primary goal of Friends of Cooper Island (FCI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scientific organization, is to compile, preserve and distribute Cooper Island research for use by current and future researchers studying climate change and other Arctic phenomena. FCI is also concerned with ensuring the continuation of this unique and timely research. In order to have continued relevance and integrity, it is critical that data be gathered on an annual basis and with the same rigor George has maintained for the past three decades. Finally, the organization is developing educational and public outreach programs for children and adults. The story of the Cooper Island black guillemots brings home the issue of climate change in a way that is not possible by the recital of physical changes in atmospheric or oceanographic conditions. Additionally, George is a dynamic and engaging speaker, with an infectious passion for his work. FCI programs use George’s data and desire to communicate his findings to others as the basis from which to examine a host of issues and challenges including climate change, arctic adaptations and anthropogenic influences on high latitude species.