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The BBC: Climate change and art

The BBC takes a look at the play Greenland and talks to the individuals involved in its creation. For more BBC podcasts about the environmental, development and agriculture, dealing with the impact of humankind on the natural world visit BBC One Planet.


Holiday Greetings from Friends of Cooper Island

Black Guillemot chicks Dec. 28, 2010 — We want to wish our friends a happy holiday season and thank you for your support and interest over the past year. 2011 promises to be a busy and exciting time for us as we hope to replace most of the wooden nest sites on Cooper Island with hard...


A Slow Start

Cooper Island, Alaska, June. 21, 2010 — The last 20 miles of my 2000 mile trip from Seattle to Cooper Island is always the most exciting but also the most unpredictable. Alaska Airlines has two flights a day into Barrow so not only can one pick the day one wants to arrive but also choose...