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Cooper Island on Public Radio’s Science Friday

Had the opportunity to be on Science Friday on public radio last week discussing how relatively minor shifts in temperatures in the Arctic can cause major disruptions and shifts in the region’s habitats. You can listen to the discussion at this link. Habitats Shift As Arctic Temps Creep Above Freezing Cheryl Rosa of the United States...


Crosscut Article on Our Work

Last April I went to Barrow for a few days to prepare for the upcoming field season and, more importantly, to visit with my colleagues and friends in Barrow without the rushed atmosphere of my visits when I am there heading out to the field or back to Seattle.  Without the support and friendship of...


Cooper Island Research part of Polar Sea documentary

Cooper Island sits at the western end of the fabled Northwest Passage that has engaged explorers and adventurers for centuries.  Cooper Island would not even be called “Cooper Island” if it were not for John Franklin’s attempt (and failure) to navigate from the Atlantic to the Pacific through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.  As the British H.M.S....